Our Story

Out of Many, One People.

Rodge recognized that he had a passion for cooking at a very early age.

He is the youngest of 11 siblings and would spend hours in the kitchen with his mom watching and helping her cook meals for the family; she was an excellent cook. There were times when Rodge would prefer to hang out with his friends but instead had the responsibility of cooking for 10 siblings and mom & dad.

At first his family had an outdoor kitchen where meals were prepared on a coal fire in “dutch pots”, eventually they added on an indoor kitchen equipped with a gas stove. His mother and father were farmers who grew crops of sugar cane, ground provisions, fruit trees, and raised farm animals on their 11 acres of land. They sold to local markets to provide for their large family.

During high school in Jamaica Rodge perused courses in Food & Nutrition and Food Preparation & Services, while he simultaneously interned at Julia’s Jamaican restaurant.

He later attended Montego Bay Community College where he studied culinary arts. After community college, he attends the Runaway Bay HEART College of Hospitality, a boarding school for food and beverage preparation and hospitality.

After graduating Roderick worked at high-end resorts such as the Ritz Carlton Montego Bay, where he worked for 10 years and Grand Hotel Michigan, specializing in food preparation and food and beverage services. With all this training, high-end work experience and a creative mind, Rodge dreamed of starting his own culinary business.

Rodge and I were newly married and as we spent more time with each other, we thought about ideas for starting our own business where we could work together.

One evening Rodge cooked curry chicken with coconut rice for dinner. As I savored the incredible flavors of the curry sauce complemented by the coconut rice, I felt that we could not keep this to ourselves. We wanted others to experience what we were experiencing - we had to share this meal with the world!

I called a few professional friends and asked if I could deliver some free food to their offices the very next day.

The feedback was very positive, and in fact that day we were hired to cater Jamaican cuisine for a party of 250 people in Greenwich. We could not believe our blessing. The party a month later was a huge success; from there we knew that we were destined to own a Jamaican food business.

I have been an independent real estate professional for 10 years specializing in real estate sales, marketing, and customer service. Prior to that I assisted a grand master raw food chef (plant & seeds) with national and international notoriety and lived as a vegetarian for most of my life. During my time with the master chef I learned the health benefits of eating beautiful, uncooked plant foods, as well as natural juicing and other traditional Jamaican beverages.

I've traveled internationally promoting the benefits of living a raw food life style, and assisted with research and helped to create a raw food video. Using this experience we endeavor to give you beautiful, fresh, healthful beverages, using organic and local farmers when available.

Our dream of owning a food truck over the past few years has finally come true, giving us the opportunity to provide the public with great tasting, authentic Jamaican cuisine and excellent customer service.

We want every interaction with Golden Spoon Jamaican Cuisine Food Truck to be a positive, cultural experience. We look forward to serving you.

One Love,
Dawn & Rodge

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